Backroads Adventures is supported by Suzuki Canada. We use Suzuki bikes, oils, lubricants and cleaners exclusively. MX1 Canada provides us with a wide variety of after-market products to make our bikes more off-road worthy and reliable. All these products are approved to meet the highest standards, we count on them to provide trouble free and long lasting dependability. With their help we are able to provide reliable and durable bikes for your enjoyment. We are also a testing ground for our good friend and long term client Don Thurber, creator of Woodsblaster Performance Products.

Backroads Adventures modified DRZ400S

Suzuki Bikes. Details, specs and pictures of the bikes.

Suzuki Bike Accessories and Lubricants. Catalogue of the lubricants, cleaners and accessories we use to maintain our fleet.

Suzuki Corporate Clothing & Accessories. Contains pictures of the Suzuki personal accessories, shirts, jackets, hats and official racing team apparel. Your local Suzuki dealer will have complete information on these products.

Backroads Adventures is supported by our Canadian Acerbis distributor.

Here is a link to the MX1 website. This external link will take you out of our website. You may need to log back onto to return to our site.

Acerbis.  Details on the aftermarket handguards, handlebars and other MX 1 Canada products.

Here is thank you reminder to to our good friend Don Thurber and his buddy Keith Mack who have supported us over the years as a valued friends, clients and sponsor. Thanks Guys.

Woodsblaster Performance Products.  Our Backroads Adventures Tours have been an excellent testing ground for Don Thurber's Woodsblaster Performance Products. Don has participated in many of our toughest Backroads Adventures tours assisting him with his quest to provide top quality, reliable and most importantly durable products that will last for even the toughest riders around.


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