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Robert's quote ….
"I want to take the opportunity to thank you all again for a great vacation.
We couldn't ask for anything better than we got from you, even riding in the rain is okay (we are used to that type of weather).
I did some promoting at our 24 hour enduro race this weekend so there might be some more Swedish riders coming your way. I could see a few riders writing down your homepage address.
Give my best regards to all the other guys/girls from me and I really hope that we meet again sometime, in Sweden or Canada.
Can you pass on this information to Dana and Jordan? I want them to know that we really appreciated what you all did for us.
Save my phone number so you can get hold of me if you ever come to Sweden. Maybe Jordan wants to spend some time over here with Nicklas, but remember that he will never be the same again after that (that's a risk Dana have to take)".
Regards, Robert Berg, Sweden

Lee's quotes---- "I have looked at all your pictures and I am very impressed at your ability to capture the experience. Dave, you have enriched our lives with the tour you have crafted and personalized for all three of us. All of us loved it and want to do it again." "Please say Hi to Brenda for me. She seems like the backbone of your organization and helped us a bunch.,"
"Thanks for an outstanding experience."
Lee Musson, Rochester hills, MI.

Paul's quote--- "Glad you left the railroad."

Brian's quote--"A trip I'll remember forever! Thank you for everything." "There should be more people like you."
Brian Musson, Rio Rancho, NM

Brian wrote a very amusing poem about their daily adventures and presented it to me on a "thanks" card. It was great!

Thumpertalk quotes from our client Blaine (TORTURECHAMBERS)

“- Waaaaahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 days in the bag and so far its AWESOME!! These BC boyz know how to please the sick minded riders!! 5 more days of body pounding action then we'll be headed back to Hawaii.”


“I'd like to start by thanking Dave Martindale, for a 9 day spectacular, life altering tour. Along with his nephews Mike and Travis, the incredible organization, the awesome lodging and tasty food Puinsai_5, Duane and I had the time of our lives. We asked for the A tour treatment and were given 9 days in Heaven. Again, thanks for the awesome knowledge and commitment of Dave Martindale and crew.” “The bikes were DRZ400S models in great shape. After 9 days in the forest riding them like a rental, I am convinced there is no better bike to have for what we did... “.

“Again, Thanks to Dave and the crew for the memories to last a lifetime!!! Also thanks to Brenda and Dana for making us feel at home and also to Jack and Morris for the smiles and beers at the cabin..

Aloha guys and I'll see you again soon...” Blaine


Dave's Quote....

"Pete and I wanted to say thanks for the "VIP" treatment during our ride. We had a great time with you, again !! As it turns out, the highlight was the snow and most of our stories related to that. Jon and Doug also enjoyed the week, it was all good."

David Baechtold, Annopolis, MD

Nanako's quote ………

"To Dave, Brenda;
I am much obliged to you,
during my trip I remember the kindness of your friends. As for me. It was pleasant that I ran by motorcycle in nature of Canada. I will send the photographs of my motorcycles and my car, please present them to Doug and Kevin.

I hope to see you again!

Sincerely yours,
Nanakko KAMIJO, Tokyo, Japan"

"I want to visit at Canada to enjoy fun-ride again! Canada is SAIKOU!!", Asao



“Dear Brenda & Dave.
How are you? I am very busy every day. But very fine.

Thank you for mail. I enjoyed this summer in KANADA off-road bike and golf play every day. My friend HIDEKI. He said very happy and he said ” I would like to go to Cranbrook every year for play golf and ride off-road bike.” Next year we hope go to Cranbrook with more many people.

I hope see you again.””

osamu ikeda

Don's August trip. - "Just wanted to say hey and thanks to everyone for a great trip. Whew..we sure did burn the candle at both ends, but what a blast! I sure do appreciate all the efforts. Just too damn short. Now I think I need a vacation from my vacation! I love it too much out there to have to wait another whole year to come back. We will have to see. Definitely reality check, back on the home front. We'll keep you posted. Sure would be good to see a few of the good pics you took of Crow's Nest, etc..Talk to you soon, Don.

Don was back again in October. - "Hey Dave, Sure did enjoy the recent trip "in your neck of the woods". I have a new appreciation for cold weather riding. Awesome ride" Don Thurber - Silverspring, MD

Here are a few quotes from some of the magazine articles featuring our Backroads Adventures tours. These quotes inspire us as we prepare your ride:

"A motorcycle adventure is different from an ordinary vacation because it is a true adventure..... "Adventures, like vacations, aren't every-weekend activities. You plan for them, save for them, then live them - and remember them for the rest of your life." - Dirt Bike Magazine "10 Wild Rides", December 1995. (Backroads Adventures was selected one of the top 10 motorcycle adventures as reported in a special feature article by the Adventure Bike staff journalists reporting on the best motorcycle adventures in the world).

"The term 'big country' takes on a whole new meaning in the Canadian Rockies...If you've ever thought about exploring the majestic mountains of the Canadian Rockies, there is no better way of doing it on a dualsport bike, especially with the help of Backroads Adventures." - Kit Palmer, Associate Editor, Cycle News Magazine 

"Forget saving for retirement - these rides are never to be forgotten adventures. Do them before it's too late!!
-Kiwi Motorcycle Rider "Adventure Riding in British Columbia", April 1999 article by John Dalgliesh.

Life is too short and unpredictable to work only for retirement. Take the advice from John Dalgliesh and "do it before it's too late!!".

Thanks again to all of my clients, friends and relatives who took part in our tours. Also to my many good friends at Suzuki Canada, without their support this would not be possible.


Dave Martindale

Your giude and tour organizer


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