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Custom Home Base Tour

Kelvin is a lucky guy. His wife bought him this trip. On his first trip to Canada he stole the heart of one of our Canadian girls and took her back to Australia.

I heard they like beer in Australia. Kelvin was no exception and enjoyed a beer or two after every ride. Kevin and Dana joined in and we had a great time riding and telling stories. It was fun listening to the riding tales of Australia and Tasmania.

We are deciding who is going to clean this bike! ….Kevin!

Custom Home Base Tour

A personalized vacation package for a father, his son and their close family friend Paul. Lee and Brian don't get enough opportunity to get together. Brian has moved to another state and now has a family of his own. The two retired friends are just like two kids enjoying their retirement - that is so great to see. They logged 5280 miles on their vacation traveling by car across the USA and Canada. Meanwhile, Brian flew to meet them in Kalispell MT. The Beaver Lodge at Jim Smith Lake was the perfect setting for these guys to get together again - just like the old days.


Lee's quotes---- "I have looked at all your pictures and I am very impressed at your ability to capture the experience. Dave, you have enriched our lives with the tour you have crafted and personalized for all three of us. All of us loved it and want to do it again." "Please say Hi to Brenda for me. She seems like the backbone of your organization and helped us a bunch.,"
"Thanks for an outstanding experience."
Lee Musson, Rochester hills, MI.

Paul's quote--- "Glad you left the railroad."

Brian wrote a very amusing poem about their daily adventures and presented it to me on a "thanks" card. It was great!

Brian's quote--"A trip I'll remember forever! Thank you for everything." "There should be more people like you."
Brian Musson, Rio Rancho, NM

Custom Home Base "A" Tour

Don and his good friend Keith came up from Silver Springs, MD. They helped out and joined in on the Speed TV ride then joined up for a ride with John Dolllison from Australia. Don is the owner of Woodsblaster Off-Road Performance Products and responsible for all the cool bark busters and accessories on our bikes. These two guys are always entertaining to ride with!

John Dollisson came from New South Wales, Australia. He had a great ride joining in with Don, Keith, Mike and Ryan.

The laid back guy on the left is my nephew Mike Johnson, he has been guiding with us since he got his license at sixteen. He doesn't look fast in the picture does he? Awesome guy to have along on the tight trails. Mike loves the single track. He's the guy who has helped lay out and maintain the technical "A" rider trails. Even though he works mostly full time at his regular job, built a new home, and is now a proud husband and dad, he still somehow manages to find time to join in on our rides.

The guy on the right is Ryan Farrow. A very interesting and talented young man who joined us this summer. Ryan contacted Backroads Adventures hoping to complete a practicum requirement of his Adventure Tourism Course. He has all the right credentials - loves to ride, great personality and a licensed bike mechanic. He now has his adventure tourism guide certificates and possesses a true zest for adventure. It was a real pleasure to meet and work with Ryan. He is now in school again taking the Advanced for Leaders Adventure Tourism Course. He has a great future as a guide.

Home Base Training Tours

"Home Base Rider Training Course" arranged by our friend Noritaka Nagamochi, E&G International Tour Company based in Tokyo, Japan. Our good friend Barry Brooks showed up to guide and help us with his Japanese interpretative skills.

We had a blast with these guys. I was quite surprised at the skill level of some of the riders during the basic skills sessions, especially the pylons - something they obviously have practiced. I was told this is a very strict part of the Japanese motorcycle license exam.


Their basic skill sessions proved very valuable when we progressed to the logs and technical trails. .





This training tour was incorporated into a scenic tour of the Rockies. Our enduro and expert pylon riders were keen to help the other riders by showing off their skills. On the more technical sections we separated the group. Some rode a different route with guides Bruce and Barry to give all rider abilities a fair chance to practice their learning objectives. We all learned from the experience and improved our riding techniques. We wrapped up with a few local Kokanee beers, a night out for dinner at our favorite restaurant followed by a midnight campfire party. This tour is scheduled again for next year with E&G International however anyone is invited to sign up to join them. A great way to improve your riding skills, have a great ride and meet some new friends. Check our website schedule for the next tour dates.

One on One, Personalized Home Base Tour

Noritaka Nagamochi from E&G International contacted me with a request for a one on one guided off road tour. A single supplement fee is charged for this type of ride. However, this is a great way to get the most out of your vacation time. When time permits I am happy for the opportunity to ride with a smaller group. It's a great way to kick back, relax and spend time getting to know our guests. For those who are a little shy and uncomfortable in a group this is a great way to enjoy the ride without having to change preferences for the other riders. Nanako really enjoyed touring on the many miles of high grade scenic backcountry roads. This lady likes speed. In Japan she rides a sweet CBR, a dualsport bike and a sharp looking black Nissan sports car.

Nanako's quote ………

"To Dave, Brenda;
I am much obliged to you,
during my trip I remember the kindness of your friends. As for me. It was pleasant that I ran by motorcycle in nature of Canada. I will send the photographs of my motorcycles and my car, please present them to Doug and Kevin.

I hope to see you again!

Sincerely yours,
Nanakko KAMIJO, Tokyo, Japan"

More Pics from the past

  Jamming John on Baker Mountain. September at 7,000 feet. Fall riding, great colors, great riding!   Daniel the Swiss guy working up a sweat riding off road in Canada. "Hey don't you know who we are?".  Relaxed.  Exploring BC's mining history.  Always great scenic views. Fishing anyone? The Heritage Estate Motel is a great place to set up for our Home Base Tours.Great rides every day right from your doorstep.


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