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Across British Columbia Tour

Dan & Ryk had done Jerry & Dave's Mexico to Canada ride and were now looking to continue their journey into Canada. They decided our Across British Columbia Tour would be the challenge for them. They set the wheels in motion by sending in their deposits back in March and began spreading the word to their friends. There were so many guys interested in this ride, everyone wanted to go. However, by August they were either too busy or for one reason or another unable to join us. Dan & Ryk had their holidays confirmed and their hearts set on this ride; we decided to go for it anyway.

I arranged for my friends Mike, Rick and a few other guys touring to Bella Coola to meet up with us along the way. Ryan was delegated to the support vehicle, an adventure in itself. We departed Cranbrook on August 28th, our mission - 12 days and 3,500 KM "Across British Columbia" crossing at least five rugged mountain ranges to Bella Coola on the most remote backroads we could find. A cool ferry trip then looping back through Radium Hot Springs, ending with a ride through the Rockies to Cranbrook.

Some things went well - awesome rides through beautiful scenery, excellent hospitality and meals at unique accommodations. Some things not so well - we had some very interesting navigation challenges and some late night arrivals, once on gasoline fumes - but, we made it every time! Some things went bad - Dan broke his finger, that was very unfortunate - he put so much work into preparing for this ride! We hope to see him back to complete the mission.

Pictures just can't tell the story! This trip really is adventure; a truly awesome adventure!

Some Pics from our previous X-BC Rides

Ride through mountains ranges as far as you can see - and beyond. We will take you through nature's hidden corridors. Which way do we go from here? The Fraser Valley's warmer almost desert like climate. We switched to warm weather gear for this part of the ride. Cariboo Country. Lush green plains. Cool twisty roads. Old growth cedar groves. One of BC's many spectacular water falls. Playing in the snow on a high mountain pass. Usually we help each other out when we are stuck. Everyone else was just having too much fun! They did come back. Meanwhile, John enjoys a chocolate bar and the view. Yep! it's a Black Bear.   Stopping to put the warm weather gear on. You need to dress in layers for this trip. The Inside Passage ferry trip to Bella Coola. Awesome scenery and whale watching. Bob performing with his hilarious set of party teeth in. He celebrated his birthday on the ferry.Due to record snowfalls in 99 we didn't make this pass.  Which way now Dave? Plan "B".We took another route with a little less elevation. Exploring the Costal Mountains near Bella Coola. Mountain switchback road in West Kootenay  

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